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Super Bowl 2013 stories: HarBowl, Ray Lewis and every other storyline that will get played out

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The 49ers and Ravens will square off in Super Bowl 47, and there will be plenty of storylines to talk about over the next two weeks. We look at which ones will become the most played out.

Rob Carr

Hey, did you know John Harbaugh and Jim Harbaugh are brothers, and that they're meeting in the Super Bowl in two weeks? In other completely unknown news, linebacker Ray Lewis announced he will be retiring after the Super Bowl. He's a fairly emotional guy and I can't imagine the media eating that up for two straight weeks.

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Yes, it is that time. The 49ers and Ravens have made it to Super Bowl XLVII, and with two weeks of air time, print copy and clicks to fill, we are about to be overloaded on whatever stories the media can sink their teeth into.

The Harbaugh brothers and Ray Lewis' retirement will be the two biggest, just because they really are that big. It will get annoying, but I don't think we can underestimate the craziness of those stories. Having two brothers in the Super Bowl really is a pretty amazing thing. We won't focus too much on it here at Niners Nation, but it is still something that is pretty cool.

The Ray Lewis thing will likely follow the Jerome Bettis storyline from a few years back, although obviously we hope it ends in bittersweet defeat for Lewis. But the media is going to be all over that, and it helps that Lewis can be so charismatic.

For now, let's get a laundry list together of every possible random storyline that can come out of this Super Bowl. Here are nine stories that will get some measure of play beyond straight HarBowl and Ray Lewis retiring. Drop in your favorites and we can even go with a sort of "Caption This" contest. Rec up the stories you like best.

1. Colin Kaepernick - ohhhhh, a whole lot of Kap

2. Ray Lewis vs. Patrick Willis - It's not really passing the torch since Bamm Bamm took that and ran with it a while back, but it will be talked about plenty, particularly with Lewis retiring (in case you missed that one!)

3. Tom Crean - Consider this my under-the-radar pick for overanalysis. Indiana is a top ten basketball team and their head coach, Tom Crean, is married to Jim and John's sister, Joani.

4. David Akers - If he remains the 49ers kicker, it's going to be a loooooong media day in New Orleans for Akers.

5. Last games all around - Randy Moss, Ed Reed, Matt Birk are all guys who could potentially retire if they wanted to go out on top.

6. Joe Flacco, free agent QB - Did you know he has six road playoff wins, and that is actually more than Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw, Steve Young, Troy Aikman, Bret Favre, Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning? That obviously does not necessarily make him better, but that is kind of fascinating. And he is a free agent after this year. It sounds like the Ravens might franchise him if they can't reach a deal, but there will be plenty of questions about his contract over the next two weeks.

7. Michael Oher - You know The Blind Side is about to get a bump up the best seller list again.

8. Frank Gore's doctor - Considering Frank the Tank has blown out both knees in college, and both shoulders early in his NFL career, the man is a bit of a medical marvel at times.

9. So many characters - This will be a slow developing story, but the 49ers have some very solid characters that could put on some star-making performances at Media Day next week. Joe Staley will likely do well, and I think Anthony Dixon may get his moment in the spotlight.

There are going to be numerous individual player storylines that will get some play, including Justin Smith and Frank Gore getting to the Super Bowl. We could go on forever on each individual player, and I'm sure the media will for some.

We'll hit on some of these storylines in the broader narrative context, but really we are going to try and focus in on what could be an interesting on-field Super Bowl matchup. We'll be breaking down a little bit of everything over the next two weeks. We'll include some Falcons recap analysis, but we'll also quickly begin the look ahead to Super Bowl XLVII and all the analysis to get us ready for the 49ers chance at Lombardi No. 6.

In the meantime, feel free to drop in your favorite and least favorite storylines heading into the next two weeks of media insanity.