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Jim Harbaugh meltdown: Why we love him and others do not

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We take a look at a GIF of Jim Harbaugh that sums him up to 49ers fans and opposing fans in a nutshell.


I think it is safe to say, this GIF might tell us in a nutshell why 49ers fans love Jim Harbaugh, and why opposing fans do not. Thank god there are no technical fouls in the NFL because Harbaugh would have been ejected several times for this one.


This occurred after the replay officials upheld the ruling on the field that Harry Douglas had caught a 3rd and 2 pass that bobbled when it hit the ground. It ended up not costing the 49ers, but given that it happened late in the fourth quarter with the 49ers up four, it is not surprising that Coach Harbaugh reacted this way.

If you scroll around sites for other teams, Jim Harbaugh is pretty high on their list of least-liked 49ers. This is not speculation, this is fact. I imagine some of us would not be fans of his if he was on an opposing sideline. But, the passion that pisses off other fans is what 49ers fans love about him, and is why he is so successful. I don't know a lot of other people who likely hate losing as much as it appears Harbaugh hates losing.

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