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Super Bowl 2013: 'David Akers is our kicker'

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The 49ers will move ahead with their struggling kicker in the Super Bowl. What does it all mean?


49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh had his day-after press conference following Sunday's NFC championship game, and we got our first bit of "news" for Super Bowl week. Harbaugh was asked about the kicker position, and he declared that the decision had been made and "David Akers is our kicker."

The kicker position will still be a significant storyline over the next week, but at least we won't have the circus surrounding a kicking competition. Instead we'll get a ton of questions for Akers about how he will handle the kicking duties. I don't know if he necessarily has Harbaugh's confidence, since there are not exactly a lot of kicking options remaining. Instead, the 49ers are just hoping to ride this one out, and hope for the best.

Akers has been a big part of some of the 49ers losses, but the team has also overcome his struggles in other games. Let's just hope they can get over these final struggles without any issues. Then in the offseason, the 49ers can find themselves a new kicker.

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