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Super Bowl 2013 tickets: It won't be cheap, says Captain Obvious

The Super Bowl is still two weeks away, but the emotion of the conference championship games has kept prices rolling along. According to TiqIQ, if you want Super Bowl tickets, the average price is sitting at $3,301. This is up 7% since last night. Their cheapest ticket is $1,782, which is down from $1,890 immediately after the AFC title game wrapped up.

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It is not surprising that there would be a quick upsurge immediately after the game. It will be interesting to see if ticket prices climb any more, particularly as sanity returns a bit in the coming days. Next week, I could see a mix of either last minute desperation to score some tickets pushing prices up, or desperation to unload tickets, pushing prices down. My guess is the latter.

If you want to just get in the door, the $1,782 price will get you in both end zones, at the very top of the Superdome. I suppose that high up it might not matter where you are sitting in the upper deck. If you are looking to pay that "average" cost of $3,301, you could get in section 109, row 33.

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