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Frank Gore does the Dirty Bird [GIF]

Frank Gore put together a strong performance for the 49ers on Sunday, capping it off with his second touchdown and an abbreviated Dirty Bird. We've got a great GIF for you.

Kevin C. Cox

One of the big reasons for the 49ers win in Sunday's NFC Championship Game was Frank Gore. The 49ers running back put together a work-horse performance that kept the team in it, even as things seemed to be heading south. He finished the day with 90 rushing yards and two touchdowns.

When the 49ers trailed 17-0, I was close to panicking. However, when the 49ers came out in the ensuing drive with four straight rushes, I found myself feeling better. Maybe not quite "comfortable", but I realized the offense was not panicking. Frank Gore was seeing talking to Jim Harbaugh prior to the drive, so it is possible he was letting Coach Harbaugh know to feed him the rock.

This particular play came on Gore's second touchdown of the game, which gave the 49ers their eventual winning lead of 28-24. After running it in, Gore decided to have some fun with the Falcons fans. He started to do the Dirty Bird, but then waved it off. He mentioned after the game how he had been thinking about doing that. You can catch some more of Frank Gore's post-game press conference at CSN Bay Area.


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