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Caption This: What is in Colin Kaepernick's Gatorade cup?

What could Colin Kaepernick possibly have seen at the bottom of his Gatorade cup?

Kevin C. Cox

During the game, SB Nation has some folks keeping an eye out for some of the more random entertaining things that pop up during sports broadcasts. Due to the "live" nature of these events, there are always a good mix of entertaining events completely unrelated to the game itself.

Enter Colin Kaepernick and his Gatorade cup.


I completely missed this one last night. At some point, Kaepernick was getting some Gatorade on the sideline, and he decided to take a look inside. The double-take is impressive. I believe this occurred after the 49ers had taken the lead over Atlanta, although I'm not quite positive about that.

What could possibly be at the bottom of that cup? The best part of this GIF is that he gives that reaction, and then he proceeds to place it back exactly where he found it. If it was something nasty, wouldn't you throw it away? Any guesses as to the contents of that cap?

Fooch's Note: We will in fact have plenty of serious football discussion, but things like this and Frank Gore doing the Dirty Bird are really too much fun to pass up only a day removed from such a great win.

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