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Super Bowl prop bets 2013: You have heads or tails?

We break down the intricate detail required to figure out whether you bet heads or tails in one of many Super Bowl prop bets

Mike Ehrmann

Tails never fails? Or is heads the way you go? I definitely plan on keeping an eye on the hundreds of prop bets that will be available for Super Bowl XLVII, but why not start off with a little fun?

The folks at Bovada Sports have already begun the process of listing out Super Bowl prop bets, although almost all of them won't come out for another day or two. For now, the only props up are for coin toss. You can bet which side will come up, and also which team will win the toss. Neither side of the coin has an advantage in the odds because each coin flip is an independent event. Historical numbers have no bearing on it.

Of course, that doesn't mean we can't check out the history of coin flips. The fine folks at Doc Sports have a rundown of every single coin flip in Super Bowl history. The NFC has actually won 15 straight coin tosses dating back to the Falcons winning the coin toss against the Broncos in Super Bowl XXXIII. The last four coin tosses have gone heads. Overall, we've had 23 tosses of heads and 23 tosses of tails. Of course, we have!

So, who you betting on and which side of the coin? I'm a fan of tails never fails, and I might as well stick with the 49ers!