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Super Bowl 2013: Jim Harbaugh and Ray Lewis cross the Super Bowl streams!

Jim Harbaugh and Ray Lewis once played together with the Baltimore Ravens. While not a shocking story, it is moderately notable for a couple reasons.

Ravens team photo courtesy Albert Breer, others

The 49ers and Ravens square off in a week at Super Bowl XLVII, and it should surprise nobody that the Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh and Ray Lewis retiring storylines are likely to become fixtures of the next week and a half. We'll have plenty of other coverage here, but naturally we'll have some thoughts and comments on both of these over the top storylines.

Of course, what are we to do when the story "streams" cross? We get Jim Harbaugh and Ray Lewis in a Ravens team photo from Harbaugh's lone season with the Ravens. Harbaugh and Lewis have a decent amount of history, as Ray Lewis' first sack came against Jim Harbaugh. The media jumped on that story today, but we knew all about it two weeks ago, thanks to a Harbaugh press conference leading up to the Packers game. The press conference resulted in an instant classic line from Jim Harbaugh:

Did you know you were Ravens LB Ray Lewis' first NFL sack victim?

"His first NFL sack?"


"Yeah, I did know that. My dad told me."

You never talked to him about that over the years?

"No. I didn't know that until three or four days ago. My dad called me up and said he was in Baltimore and some of the writers there had mentioned it to him. My legend grows. Ray Lewis' first sack [laughs]."

Do you remember it?

"No, I don't. In 1996. I've forgotten half my life."

It's not exactly a huge story, but there you have it. Jim Harbaugh, Ray Lewis, connected for eternity. Exciting stuff.

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