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Niners Nation Super Bowl coverage plan

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A rundown of how NN will be covering the Super Bowl over the next two weeks

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

As you may have noticed, Niners Nation has had quite a bit of content going up recently. While we've always had a lot of content, we've stepped it up a notch as the 49ers have made their run through the 2013 NFL playoffs. And with the Super Bowl less than two weeks away, it is only going to be getting busier.

I wanted to drop this post in the cover for most of the day so people could have an idea of our plan and how we'll be attempting to organize some of this content. We'll have a lot of deeper analysis, but we'll also have a lot of informational posts. Since the informational posts are not always worth much discussion, I'm using some of the tools of SB Nation United to organize the content a bit better.

For example, I love writing about gambling and sports. The NFL may pretend gambling is a dirty word, but we all know it is one of the reasons the league is so popular. The Super Bowl is the biggest gambling event of the year, and I plan on covering it extensively. However, while there is room for discussion in all of these posts, I don't want to bump down the quality work we are doing with a lot of these.

So, I have created a gambling story stream, that is currently pinned in the first spot at the top of the river on the front page. It shows the most recent updates, and if you click on the story stream, you'll see the numerous updates we have within. Virtually none of those stories will show up individually on the front page, but rather will continually populate that story stream.

I'll have a similar story stream about Super Bowl game day that will include content on the halftime show, commercials and other such stuff. These are things some of you are interested in, but also are unlikely to comment on too much. We'll have the information there for you, but not forcing it down your throats on the front page.

If you have topics you would like discussed, feel free to let us know in the comments. We'll have position previews, a look back at 49ers Super Bowl history and a wide assortment of other topics. While I understand some people do not want a ton of content, there is so much going on with this game that we are going to be looking at all the potential angles, without overdoing some of them.