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TMZ: 49ers enjoy reportedly tame after-party following NFC Championship Game

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The 49ers enjoyed an after-party in San Jose following their return from Atlanta after the NFC Championship Game. TMZ had exclusive pictures from the event.

The 49ers wrapped up a huge win over the Atlanta Falcons this past weekend, sending them to their sixth Super Bowl. The post-game mood was obviously jubilant, which is easy to see in the post-game celebration video. I loved the chant at the end, "We goin' to the ship!"

The team flew back to San Jose after the game, and after getting back to the team facilities, the players enjoyed an after party at Motif Lounge in San Jose. The folks at had the scoop and provided a whole host of pictures, which you can view in the gallery above. If you check out TMZ's accompanying article, it is interesting to note that reports were that the party was relatively tame.

TMZ's reports indicated the party was described as a "sipping and toasting" event. Given that there is still one more very important win to be had, that makes me feel better about any concerns that the 49ers might be "happy to be there" in twelve days. I wasn't overly concerned about that, but a little confirmation is always good.

You could see it as well after the game wrapped, with several players talking about how their was still one more win. Frank Gore talked about it right after the game, and Justin Smith said, "We have one game left. It's all for naught if you don't win that one." The 49ers celebrated Sunday's victory, and had a good time, but they have kept a sufficiently even keel as they keep moving forward.

This is a team that has been motivated all season long, and is now just one win away from the mountain top. After the 49ers beat the Packers in Week 1, Patrick Willis said, "I don't know who they think we are. We're on a mission." This has been on the front page of NN ever since then, and I'm glad I kept it up. Even though there have been bumps in the road, the 49ers have kept moving forward towards the goal of Lombardi No. 6. We are now less than two weeks from Mission Accomplished.

Thanks again to TMZ for passing along these photos, and the accompanying article.