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Super Bowl 2013 odds: Point spread expected to settle at 3 1/2 points, per Las Vegas sportsbook directors

The San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens are still twelve days away from Super Bowl XLVII, but the line might be pretty close to getting settled. The folks at Odds Shark provide a collection of odds from around the Internet, and their Super Bowl XLVII odds are sitting at 49ers either -3 1/2 or -4 depending on your gambling site of choice.

RJ Bell form had a chance to chat with several sports book directors, and they provided their projection of the final line for the game. Among others, Bell spoke with Jay Rood (MGM), Johnny Avello (Wynn), Jay Kornegay (Hilton) and Jimy Vaccaro (William Hill). The first three projected the line closing at 3 1/2 points, while Vaccaro projected it closing at four points.

All four provided some additional insights into the game, some of which provide value as you look at your options. Kornegay views the teams as fairly even, and you should take any points you can get. Avello felt the Ravens would continue getting good money because they had won money for their supporters the last two weeks. Vaccaro expected Colin Kaepernick prop bets to get huge interest.

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