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Super Bowl 2013 preview video: Colin Kaepernick, Ray Rice among storylines that actually matter in 49ers-Ravens

We take a video look at some of the basic storylines that matter more than two brothers coaching against each other, and Ray Lewis retiring.

I am headed up to New York City on Wednesday to put together a variety of videos for the coming week, but in the meantime, the studio helped me put together a basic look at some storylines I think our are pertinent heading into Super Bowl XLVII. While the national media is going to beat the touchy-feely stuff to death, I thought it might be a novel concept to break down things that might actually impact the 49ers-Ravens game. Shocking thought, I realize.

I actually did squeeze in a Harbaugh brothers mention at the end, but I think I looked at the two brothers from an angle that actually matters. Namely, the gutsy midseason decision each coach made: Jim Harbaugh going with Colin Kaepernick and John Harbaugh changing offensive coordinators.

I hit on four other topics as well, with some being a bit more on the nose than others. As with any Super Bowl, there are numerous angles covering virtually every player involved. What are some of your under-the-radar on-field storylines and matchups to watch?