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NFL Pro Bowl 2013: 49ers Super Bowl appearance means open spots

Guess who isn't going to the Pro Bowl this year? Suckas!

As great as it is that the 49ers are playing for Lombardi No. 6, I think a lot of us are relieved that the Pro Bowl will not be the final game in which we see the 49ers in action. Instead, we will see no 49ers this weekend in Hawaii, and I could not be happier.

Jerry Mallory put together some video above, looking at the replacements for all the missing 49ers, and we even get a highlight or two of the 49ers midway through. Give it a look as Jerry always puts together entertaining work.

Will people watch the Pro Bowl this weekend, or detox from football to build up for Super Bowl week next week? I might have it on in the background, but I'll be doing a lot of preparation for Super Bowl week, so I am more inclined to just not watch. It's generally a snore of a game, and with no 49ers involved, I'm not sure I really need to be watching. Sorry, NFL.

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