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Allegations against Michael Crabtree may not be holding up

We take a look at the latest news surrounding sexual assault allegations against Michael Crabtree. Reports indicate the charges may not hold up.

Streeter Lecka

The San Francisco Chronicle is continuing their close investigation of the sexual assault investigation against 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree, and the latest news is positive for him. According to the Chronicle, the sexual assault allegations "do not appear to be holding up under investigation."

A law enforcement source has been providing some information to the Chronicle, and it appears to favor Crabtree. According to the source, the woman who made the allegation was one of three woman who joined Crabtree for a party in a room at the W in San Francisco. The other two reportedly backed up Crabtree's story, and the source is reporting there is no physical evidence of an attack on the woman.

If this information proves to be accurate, it is a shame on several levels. Although Crabtree would be exonerated if this is all true, his reputation is sullied unnecessarily. He will have hopefully learned a life lesson, but he'll still deal with nonsense. And false allegations only hurt the chances of woman in the future who actually do get assaulted. It becomes harder to come forward, and as we saw on occasion in the first thread or two before the facts were coming out, they get labeled as gold-diggers and other such terms even if it turns out they were victimized. Nobody wins in this.