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Golden Nuggets: Harbaugh family stealing the spotlight?

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web


There is a lot of news to go over and a lot of other various writings going on here at Niners Nation. Everybody should give a big thumbs up to all the staff writers who are working overtime. We all assumed we'd be on vacation by now. All the fishing trips cancelled. All of the drinking we were supposed to be doing....then the 49ers go and ruin our offseason by extending it over a month. Sigh. I'm obviously teasing about the second part....but the first part is true. Everyone is cranking it up to 11 in order to deal with the increased demand for Niners content. Give 'em a round of applause.

As for the appears the Harbaugh family might take most of the thunder away from the players. Some of the storylines are ridiculously delicious and I think the league has to be licking its chops at how the playoffs turned out, even if the highly anticipated Peyton Manning-Tom Brady matchup in the AFCCG never materialized. There was a showcase of young QBs, the future of the league, really. There were some exciting comebacks and thrilling finishes and a 2OT game. The season had the feel like quite a few different teams could be in the mix for the Super Bowl, and here you have it.

And some hot links...

Super Bowl XLVII: 49ers vs Ravens

Here's what you have to love about this Super Bowl matchup is that both teams stuck to their guns in the postseason. We have a tendency to abandon the run after falling behind, and it was a recipe for defeat most times. | Ravens, 49ers won by being who they are (Pro Football Weekly)

Jim Harbaugh calls the Super Bowl a blessing and a curse (Gin)

49ers' prefect Super Bowl record is on the line (BASG)

First take: 49ers as 4.5-point initial favorite (Sando)

Ray Lewis to be reacquainted with first sack victim (CBS Sports)

Gambling Harbaughs come up aces (Yahoo!)

Super Bowl XLVII: Facts and figures you may not know (

49ers-Ravens evokes something different for older fans (SF Gate)

Jim Harbaugh, Ray Lewis as teammates played against Randy Moss 14 years ago (Mercury News)

49ers to wear home reds for Super Bowl (CSN Bay Area)

Kurt Warner: 49ers could not have reached Super Bowl with Alex Smith (CSN Bay Area)

NFCCG: 49ers 28, Falcons 24

I wondered what Frank Gore was so animated about in talking with Coach Harbs on the sideline in the first quarter. Did you? Well keep wondering cause Coach ain't telling. I'm pretty sure that Frank said, 'Give me the damn ball, and I'll score a couple of touchdowns.' | Harbaugh explains his exchange with Frank Gore (Mercury News)

Matt Barrows has a ton of notes from the game. He notes how well the 49ers have run to the right side in the playoffs. He notes how Ahmad Brooks made three huge plays, yet didn't make a single tackle. He notes.... do you really want me to tell you everything? | Film review: Brooks, Kaepernick, Davis shine; Would Ault get a ring? (Barrows)

I've heard multiple times that Colin Kaepernick played a very Alex Smith-like game. He won against Green Bay playing what appeared to be the future of the position, and now he's won playing like Alex Smith. Except Smith would not have frozen the defenders on those three touchdown runs by Frank Gore and LaMichael James. | Offensive film review: Falcons force Kap to be methodical (Maiocco)

Defensive film review: 49ers bounce back (Maiocco)

Jim Harbaugh on Vernon Davis' big game (Mercury News)

Jim Harbaugh on call that prompted sideline rage (Mercury News)

Patrick Willis details ATL comeback (

Ahmad Brooks comes up clutch (

Kaepernick News

Mike Sando uses ESPN's Total QBR to compare Joe Flacco and Colin Kaepernick in the Divisional and Conference Championship round. Kaepernick is way ahead, in case you couldn't guess. | QBR ranks: Kaepernick living in the 90s (Sando)

Colin Kaepernick appears ready for the pressure (Sando)

Kaepernick's tattoo artist: 'Business is booming' (Yahoo!)

Harbaugh Family News

Like I said above, the whole Harbaugh sibling thing is overshadowing some great storylines. It is what it is, as you can't really dictate human interests. | Jim Harbaugh not eager to talk Harbowl (Mercury News)

Here's a story from SI's vault about the vaunted brother coaching combo. It's a bit refreshing to see what people were writing about the two of them and their sibling rivalry before they were going to face each other in the Super Bowl. I didn't read much of it as it's 8 miles long! | Beat, play, love (

Harbaughs highlight the truth behind the sibling rivalry (Gin)

John Madden weighs in on Harbaugh brothers Super Bowl (CBS Sports)

John Harbaugh on younger brother Jim (Mercury News)

Jim and John Harbaugh engender support of 49ers, Ravens by deflecting attention (Kawakami)

Assorted News

Here is a great read. Tim Kawakami has fished out the transcripts from interviews given when Coach Harbaugh was hired. He discusses what he wants from the team, what he wants in a QB, and more... | Flashback to Jan. 7 2011: What Jim Harbaugh said on the night the 49ers hired him and his 'unshakeable confidence' in the future (Kawakami)

Well the bad news is that AJ Jenkins has been completely irrelevant during the entire season. The good news is that we haven't needed him. If we win the Super Bowl, I don't give a rat's a$$. If we lose.... All I'm saying is that we could have used that pick to select the Rams' Greg Zeurlein, aka Legatron, to pair with Delanie Walker, aka Droptimus Prime and the laugh would have been worth more than what Jenkins has provided this season. And we'd have a field goal kicker. | Step up? Jenkins didn't step on the field in the NFC title game

Do you remember when the San Francisco Giants won the World Series and some 49ers drove them in the victory parade. The Giants are hoping to return the favor in a few weeks time. | Niners moving Titletown USA out West (

49ers draw support from Giants players (Mercury News)

Consolation prize: Falcons' safeties replace 49ers' in Pro Bowl (Inman)

Videos / Assorted Media

The NFL season: Championship Sunday (

Trent Baalke on 95.7 The Game (

Steve Mariucci on KNBR (

Mic'd up: Bruce Miller (

Maiocco on PFT: Why did Harbaugh stick with David Akers? (CSN Bay Area)

Clip of the week: Playing on the road (

49ers add Super Bowl XLVII patches (

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