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Super Bowl 2013 Odds: Who will score the first touchdown?

Who will score the first touchdown? We've got odds on all of them.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Although the early focus might be on the 49ers sitting as somewhere between -3 1/2 and -4 favorites over the Baltimore Ravens, there will be a ton of proposition bets in the coming days that will be worth a mention. The folks at have started releasing some prop bets, and the latest to follow Super Bowl MVP odds was which player would score the first touchdown in the game.

According to Bovada, Frank Gore is the early favorite at 13/2. Right behind him are Ray Rice and Michael Crabtree, who both sit at 15/2. If you think we'll see a battle of field goal kickers, you can get 75/1 odds that no touchdowns are scored. That does not strike me as the wisest of wagers.

If I had to pick someone with a bit longer odds than Gore, Rice or Crabtree, I think Vernon Davis seems like a decent first to score wager at 9/1. Delanie Walker is 18/1, and I really like that one as a bit of a long-shot. He struggles with the drops, but Kaepernick has looked his way quite a bit. LaMIchael James is only available as "field" option at 22/1, and I would think he's a decent option as well. Right now, I'm leaning towards dropping $10 on Delanie Walker at 18/1.

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