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Super Bowl 2013 Tickets: Prices continue to rise for 49ers-Ravens

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We break down Super Bowl ticket prices ten days before the big game.

Jamie Squire

The Super Bowl is ten days away, and ticket prices continue to slowly rise. According to TiqIQ, Super Bowl tickets on their site are now averaging $3,320 per ticket. That is up .06% since Tuesday. The cheapest option at Tiq IQ is now up to $1,985.

That low, low price will get you a seat in section 635, row 28. I would hope you could get a complimentary tissue to stuff up that nose bleed. The average price would get you a seat in section 612, row 43. Again, I hope you get a tissue up there.

If you're willing to shell out, $5,862 will get you a seat in Section 314, row 14. Considering how far down that is, it might very well be worth the value. Or, you could always head to your local Best Buy, pick up a new TV and enjoy the game in the comfort of your home. It's up to you!

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