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Super Bowl 2013: 49ers to wear cherry red home jerseys

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The 49ers will wear their home jerseys in Super Bowl XLVII. We take a look at the always classic jersey.

The red home jersey the 49ers will wear in Super Bowl XLVII
The red home jersey the 49ers will wear in Super Bowl XLVII
49ers on Facebook

If this isn't the awesomest jersey, I don't know what is. The 49ers announced on their Facebook page that they will be sporting the cherry red home jerseys for Super Bowl XLVII next week. The photo on their page showed the jersey with the stitched-in Super Bowl patch, as seen above. Not too shabby.

As Matt Maiocco noted, the 49ers have sported their home jerseys in three of their five Super Bowl victories. I like referring to them simply as their Super Bowl victories, and not just "their Super Bowl appearances." I'd certainly hope they can keep that as victories and not just "appearances" next week.

Speaking of random stats, here are some win/loss records based on certain occurrences. These results do not mean scoring 20 or more points or rushing for 100 yards or more guarantees a win, but some of the things that have happened that have been a key part of their 5-0 Super Bowl record.

The 49ers are:

3-0 Winning the turnover battle
2-0 Tying the turnover battle
2-0 Committing no turnovers
4-0 Leading at halftime
1-0 Tied at halftime
4-0 Leading after three quarters
1-0 Trailing after three quarters
4-0 Scoring first
5-0 Scoring 20-or-more points
3-0 Holding opponents under 17 points
4-0 Passing for 300 yards-or-more
1-0 Passing for 250 yards-or-less
5-0 Rushing for 100 yards-or-more
1-0 Rushing for 150 yards-or-more
0-0 Rushing for less than 100 yards
4-0 Rushing 30 times-or-more
0-0 Opponents pass for 300 yards-or-more
2-0 Opponents pass for 250 yards-or-less
1-0 Opponents rush for 100 yards-or-more
4-0 Opponents rush for less than 100 yards
0-0 Opponents rush 30 times-or-more
3-0 Playing on grass
2-0 Playing on turf
2-0 Decided by touchdown-or-less

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