Regarding "Kaepernicking"

So our guy Kaep trademarked his "Score a touchdown and kiss your tattooed bicep" action. It has led me to thinking, if Tebow can trademark "Tebowing" and Kaep can do his thing, there are tons of NFL stars that could be cashing in on this social-media celebrity-worship craze.

The Oakland Raiders organization could trademark "Rebuilding" - the act of being a perennially "Rebuilding" team.

"Detroit Lioning" - when everyone at your job gets DUIs and caught with the reefer.

"Des Bryanting" - backhanding your mom in the face

"Sanchizing" - generally struggling with life

"Bob Sandersing" - calling out of work sick for over half the year, every year

"Jamarcus Russelling" - more of a trait, really. Just being a huge disappointment and the butt of every joke ever.

"Russell Wilsoning" - the act of not being able to get on rollercoasters because you're too short.

So I probably missed a bunch, but this is a good start.

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