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Super Bowl 2013 announcers: Jim Nantz, Phil Simms to handle the duties

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We take a look at the announcers for Super Bowl XLVII, which will feature the CBS No. 1 crew.

Al Bello

Super Bowl XLVII will take place on Sunday, February 3, 2012, and CBS is getting the announcing duties. That means Jim Nantz and Phil Simms will be calling the game. They will be joined by sideline reporters Steve Tasker and Solomon Wilcots.

I don't watch a ton of AFC football, but obviously Nantz shows up in a whole host of settings, including the NCAA's FInal Four. It's kind of tough for me to figure out how exactly I feel about Nantz as an announcer. He's a bit of a unique voice since he doesn't have the deeper growl we get from the Marv Albert-types. He displays more emotion than Joe Buck, but I think I prefer more of the growl from football announcers.

As for Phil Simms? Well, I don't dislike him, but I'm not a huge fan. Something about his approach strikes me as a little smarmy, for lack of a better term. He knows football, but I kind of think he and Nantz are too similar to a certain extent. I wish I could explain it better.

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