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Super Bowl tickets: Prices trending upward overall, but still a little individual "value"

The 49ers and Ravens are still ten days away from meeting up in Super XLVII, and ticket prices are still trending upward. According to TiqIQ, the average price for their available Super Bowl tickets is currently $3,668, which is up a decent amount from yesterday's price of $3,295. People looking to unload tickets are probably not quite desperate enough to unload at a "discount". If you are looking for tickets at that average price, you can get into the lower 100 level seats, but you will be looking at a corner seat.

The least expensive tickets on TiqIQ are currently $1,931, which is actually down a little bit down from $1,975 yesterday. It is still expensive, but it is a slight improvement. That price will get you into section 628, row 35. TiqIQ aggregates prices from different Internet sites, with a lot coming through eBay. It is amusing to note that somebody else is offering tickets in section 628, row 40 for $2,074 per ticket. They might want to check TiqIQ for a better idea of the market!

It will be interesting to see how prices trend during Super Bowl week, as buyers and sellers could both get a little bit desperate.

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