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Report: Ed Donatell could join Chip Kelly coaching staff

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We take a look at a report that 49ers secondary coach Ed Donatell could join Chip Kelly's coaching staff in Philadelphia.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The 49ers have plenty to deal with leading up to next Sunday's Super Bowl XLVII matchup with the Baltimore Ravens, but there is still the business of the rest of the league potentially impacting the team. Philadelphia radio broadcaster Howard Eskin tweeted out late Tuesday that 49ers secondary coach Ed Donatell is "likely" to end up as the Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator under new head coach Chip Kelly.

Cam Inman reported that neither the Eagles nor 49ers have confirmed that Donatell is a candidate or if permission has been requested at this point.

The 49ers have somehow managed to keep virtually their entire coaching staff together. Coaches are allowed to interview during this "week off", but we have not seen any info on interviews this week, with head coaching jobs already filled up. The 49ers do have the right to deny permission for coordinator jobs, as last year they denied the Tampa Bay Buccaneers permission to interview Donatell for their DC job.