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Super Bowl 2013: Harbaugh conference call gets "Har-Bombed"

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Jack and Jackie Harbaugh, along with sister Joani Crean chatted with the media on Thursday, and found themselves answering an unexpected question.

Rob Carr

In case you didn't know, Super Bowl 47 will feature the two Harbaugh brothers facing off against each other. If you were not aware, you may be under a rock. Jim Harbaugh will lead his 49ers against John Harbaugh and the Ravens in a game, which means not only do we get to hear plenty about the brothers, but also about the rest of their family.

It got off to a pretty awesome start today with a conference calling featuring the Harbaugh parents, Jack and Jackie, along with sister Joani Crean. They fielded a host of questions and I thought provided some quality insight into the brothers, along with some great stories.

The call took a turn for the surreal and hilarious midway through when they got a call from John in Baltimore asking if it was true that they liked Jim better than John. The parents laughed briefly, but then Joani recognized the voice. Yes, it was Ravens head coach John Harbaugh, "Har-Bombing" the call (h/t to 49ers digital media manager Scott Kegley for that line). That got plenty of laughs before John went off to practice.

I'm hoping they get a transcript of this session because it was really quite entertaining. We've heard a lot of the stories Jack told, but his enthusiasm is fun to hear. He threw out some of the catch-phrases we've heard from Jim, and I could definitely see how Jim gets his charisma from his dad.

The family was also asked about how this might impact the relationship between the brothers. Obviously they faced each other last year, but the Super Bowl is a slightly bigger deal. Jack used that question as a chance to talk about the experience last Thanksgiving. He talked about how after the game, the family stopped by the Ravens locker room and saw everybody has incredibly happy about the victory. Jack said they knew they were not needed there. They then went to the 49ers locker room where it was quiet and somber. Jim apparently had his head in his hands, and Jack knew that's where they were needed. After the game, when the 49ers were heading to their bus to leave for the airport, John apparently came out for a couple minutes to talk with Jim before they parted ways. Jack looked at it as a sign of how tight the family is.

The 49ers will likely have the audio from this conference call posted at later today. Whether or not we get a transcript, I'll drop in a link to the audio once it's available. The transcript won't tell half the story of this call.

Fooch's Update: Here is the conference call audio.

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