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Colin Kaepernick: Running the Falcons off the tracks [GIF]

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We take a look at a GIF of just how destructive Colin Kaepernick can be.


I realize this is not the deepest of insight, but our GIF guy came up with this entertaining GIF. The Falcons were in one of the NFL's Play 60 ads, riding a bus and enjoying some music. Our GIF guy got a little creative with the commercial, Colin Kaepernick and a train.


This might have been a bit more fitting with the Packers given how Kaepernick ran them off the tracks with the read option, but this works plenty fine as well. Although there were an assortment of weapons in play last Sunday, Kaepernick is developing into the face of this offense.

How will the Ravens approach the 49ers now incredibly dynamic offense? Maybe they try and box in Colin Kaepernick with a wide-spread defense. Of course, the Ravens haven't been great against the run, so that puts them in a position where Frank Gore and LaMichael James have their way.

And what about the passing game? If they shade towards Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis could find himself in position for another big playoff game. And don't forget about Randy Moss. I don't want to get overconfident, but the 49ers offensive development has really been quite eye-opening. The Super Bowl is obviously a slightly big deal, but even looking at the big picture leaves me incredibly excited.

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