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Super Bowl 2013: Maybe I'll spend Media Day asking Joe Staley, Alex Boone and Mike Iupati about their dancing

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How about some cheesy dancing from the 49ers offensive line?

Last month, I posted some video featuring Joe Staley, Alex Boone and Mike Iupati doing some dancing to the video game Just Dance 4. The video was pulled down eventually, but a promotional company was kind enough to send along some additional video.

This time around, Staley, Boone and Iupati showed off their moves to a few Top 25 songs (I think). When I head down to media day next week, I'm starting to think I should get them showing off some more of their dance moves. I'm sure someone from MTV or another random station could very well end up asking this very thing.

Given that we still have ten more days until the game, I want to try and drop in some low key stuff like this, just so we all don't get burned out. We'll continue with the preview content, but random fun stuff is a good way to keep us all moderately sane during this build-up.