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2013 Senior Bowl - North Roster Practice Report

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We look at prospects who helped their stock and hurt it this week during Senior Bowl practices.

Denard Robinson had a very bad week at practice
Denard Robinson had a very bad week at practice
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

After a week of practices, some players have earned attention, while others have hurt their stock. Senior Bowl practices are almost as important as the game itself, with scouts over-analyzing everything these prospects do.

Here are how some of the players on the North fared this week in Mobile, Alabama:

Running Back:

UCLA running back Johnathan Franklin has looked like a stud this week and his stock is rising. Franklin is showing he isn't just a change of pace back at the next level, he could possibly be an every down back. He's been hitting the hole with authority and can run north-south effectively.

Wide Receivers:

Denard Robinson may have hurt his stock big time this week during practices. He ran bad routes all week, was jammed at the line, and had a hard time catching the ball. Robinson also is viewed as a potential kick and punt returner, but he had a hard time locating the ball in the air. He may have lowered his stock to that of a sixth round pick. Mel Kiper projected him as a second round pick last week, take what the "guru" says with a grain of salt.

Two guys I've been high on as sleepers are Elon's Aaron Mellette and Kansas State's Chris Harper. They helped their cause this week, showcasing their abilities. Mellette showed he can be a deep threat and Harper displayed his physicality, good route running, and reliable hands.

Marquise Goodwin (Texas) showed why he was an Olympic athlete and one of the fastest players in the draft this week. He still needs to develop into a better receiver, but is already a good kick returner, which should help his stock.

Offensive Line:

Notre Dame Center Braxston Cave's stock continued downward, he simply doesn't have what it takes to be effective at the next level. He isn't strong enough, big enough, or explosive enough to have longevity in the NFL.

Tackle Eric Fisher (Central Michigan) could be the second coming of Joe Staley (also went to Central Michigan). He had a good week of practices and looked like a man out there. Mike Mayock believes he could be the best tackle in the draft and a first round pick.

Defensive Line:

Margus Hunt (SMU) hasn't shown anything new new this week, but he hasn't hurt his stock either. Hunt was able to get pressure on the quarterback in practices and credited his teammates for his success. He's still very raw but no one is denying he could be a big time player in the NFL. The "Estonian" will need to be evaluated further as the draft process continues, but he could be an absolute beast.

Datone Jones (UCLA) has shown he could become a starter in the NFL. Although not as much upside as Hunt, Jones is physical as well. Jones had an awesome week of practices where he dominated the offensive line time and time again with power and good burst. Datone's stock has rose because of a good week in Mobile.


Desmond Trufant (Washington) may have elevated himself to a 1st round pick after a solid week of practices. Trufant stuck with receivers this week on deep balls and displayed good awareness.

Will Davis (Utah State) has received doubts about his speed this week, this could lower his stock. He's been beat deep a lot this week and he is going to fall in the draft because of it.


Phillip Thomas (Fresno State) continues to get no love from the media, but this guy is the real deal. He did fine this week in every facet of coverage and run support. Thomas can play man and zone effectively and can hit hard too, he's a blue collar type player the 49ers are keeping an eye on.

Who do you think hurt or helped their stock on the North team?