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This Week in Niners Nation: Pro Bowl Weekend Edition 2013

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This Week in Niners Nation, a weekly revisiting of Niners Nation content. It was a crazy week, beginning with the comeback victory over the Atlanta Falcons and carrying on through the hype of being a Super Bowl participant. It's good to be back.


Well, I had to show up late to work on Monday here in Australia, as the game started at 7am local time. I'm glad I have an understanding workplace. I've got the Super Bowl off, now...thank you, Rohan. What a hell of an emotional game. When we fell behind 17-0 I couldn't help but think that W-W-L would carry the day. But then something remarkable happened. Greg Roman stuck with the gameplan, letting our offensive line run us to victory. Usually, down by three scores, we would force Alex Smith to do his best Aaron Rodgers impersonation. Now, we let Colin Kaepernick and Frank Gore methodically work our way back into things. I like it.

I won't bore you with another recap of the NFCCG, there will be plenty of that going around in the links below What I will do is share with you people, one last time what my family did to their dog for the NFCCG. Amazing. I didn't know the old girl had it in her, but there she was, in full battle regalia. Enjoy, pass it on. Her name is Poo. Not like the cartoon the turd. She wants to be famous for the Super Bowl.

As for the links, there are so many that it's hard to choose. I apologize if I leave anything out, but I've got to pick and choose in order to save myself from having a five-hour post. Why so much content? Well, with the Super Bowl and all, we're cranking up the coverage a notch, trying to get more fame from the big game. Check it out. It's all good! We're churning out a lot of video content as well, so I'm going to do something new. I'm also going to include a section with all of our video links.

NFCCG: 49ers 28, Falcons 24

And for a good old fashioned recap of the weekend that was, we have urnext, bringing back fond memories. What a game, what a weekend, what a run by our beloved 49ers. | Championship games recaps: Jack Harbaugh is a proud papa (urnext)

Fooch has the snap count from the game. We're still waiting for AJ Jenkins to get on the field, let alone make an impact. I'm still worried about this pick. Blowing a first-rounder costs people their jobs. Unless of course you make brilliant picks with every choice the year before. | 49ers snap count vs Falcons: About AJ Jenkins, the nickel and special teams (Fooch)

Dylan DeSimone has a post about the exact thing I mentioned in the intro above. He says it better than I did. Greg Roman called a helluva game for the second straight week. How close he was to hitting the panic button and calling nothing but deep routes for the rest of what would have been the last game of the season we'll never know. | Greg Roman remains collected, Frank Gore helps 49ers finish comeback (DeSimone)

Colin Kaepernick's first fourth quarter comeback could not have come at a better time. Liberty_JAC takes a further look at it and gives us a little history lesson on the topic. | Colin Kaepernick as Captain Comeback (iberty_JAC)

Super Bowl XLVII: 49ers vs Ravens

And with the win, the 49ers advance to Super Bowl XLVII aka the Harbowl. Most everyone outside of the Bay Area and the Baltimore metropolitan area will be dreading that phrase. Whoever patented it will be a gazillionaire by the end of it all. Here are the storylines you will be inundated with for the duration of the buildup. | Harbowl, Ray Lewis, and every other storyline that will get played out (Fooch)

You can't go anywhere without hearing about Ray Lewis. It's for good reason. He's the best middle linebacker of my lifetime. I watched Singletary play. Lewis is just as mean and brutal, but way faster. Before you send the Frankenstein hunting mob with pitchforks and torches, let me just say that Patrick Willis, with more time, can surpass him. Ray's been elite for ever. | The Ray Lewis storyline is already played out (Hanson)

Dylan's got some ideas for the Super Bowl. They're pretty good. Working on the pass rush, defending the deep ball (a must against Joe Flacco and Torey Smith) and getting two pass receivers going in the same game will be critical. | Adjustments the 49ers need to make on the field (DeSimone)

Look at the two squads in the Super Bowl. What stands out? Linebackers. Both teams have incredible linebacking corps. Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs. Patrick Willis, Ahmad Brooks, Aldon Smith and NaVorro Bowman. Have fun with that, auto-tag feature. | Patrick Willis, Ray Lewis lead a linebacker driven league (DeSimone)

Anthony Ly takes a look at the Super Bowl. And, oh...if you ever wanted to see what he looks like when he's crying, now's your chance. What a great photo. What a brave share. | Super Bowl 2013: The booth review saves "the best for last" (Ly)

The big question for the Baltimore Ravens is how well will they defend Colin Kaepernick and all that he brings to the table? Namely, how will they stop the read-option. The Falcons stopped Kap from running with the ball, but only at the expense of allowing the Niners' running backs have their way with them. The Ravens have better linebackers, though. | How will the Ravens defend Colin Kapernick and the 49ers read-option (Tre9er)

Vernon Davis had a great game in the NFCCG, his first sighting since the Chicago Bears game in Week 11. Now we'd love for him to come up big in the Super Bowl. Davis getting deep one time on the Ravens would open things up underneath which would make life easier on everyone else. | Vernon Davis vs Bernard Pollard (DeSimone)

Colin Kaepernick will be playing the biggest game of his life. Can he come up big on the biggest stage of them all? James Brady seems to think so. Take a look at the list of Super Bowl winning's impressive. Either Kaepernick or Joe Flacco will get to add their name to the prestigious group. | Ravens are an excellent target for more option runs from Colin Kaepernick (Brady)

Hot Topics

This is headed as a Super Bowl piece. I prefer to think of it as a bit of nostalgia. I'm into nostalgia, because I've been charged with the task of recapping all of the 49ers' Super Bowl wins. FUN! Dylan brings us the 49ers' long climb back to relevance. 10 long years of futility and 18 years since our last championship. | It's hard not to be romantic about football (DeSimone)

Liberty_JAC has a good one about all of the predictions leading into the season that had the 49ers falling back to Earth on the basis of our 2011 season being an aberration, an anomaly, a goofy-goof. Oh, how wrong they were. Experts... sheesh! | The 49ers will have a terrible season in 2012 (liberty_JAC)

Dylan revisits the selection of LaMIchael James and his relevance to the team. It looks as though we have a keeper on our hands, and the burst of speed he displayed in scoring our first touchdown of the game against the Falcons only served as a teaser for future end zone scampers. | LaMichael James is Ore-Gone in San Francisco (DeSimone)

It looks like the allegations against Michael Crabtree may be baseless after all. | Allegations against Crabtree may not be holding up (Fooch)


One thing annoying about writing about the Super Bowl is you have to use Roman numerals. I never learned them in school back in ancient Rome. I'm functionally illiterate in Latin. It's embarrassing to admit, but do you know how many times I've had to look up XLVII? Got it, now. | 49ers advance to Super Bowl XLVII (Fooch)

NFCCG: Walking through a wild 49ers win (Fooch)

This was great. It perfectly encapsulates what our coach brings to the table. He's a genius...but this is one of the all-time great hissy fits. | Jim Harbaugh meltdown GIF: Why we love him and other do not (Fooch)

I hope you like brilliance. | Taiwanese animation company recaps championship weekend (Fooch)

Colin Kaepernick, Ray Rice among storylines that actually matter in 49ers-Ravens (Fooch)

Jim Harbaugh's draft secret revealed two years later (DeSimone)


For once, there is a clear-cut winner for FanPost of the week. That's not a slight on any of the other writers, it's just that dasfowler and their post on what Alex Smith has meant to the 49ers has generated more recs and more comments than pretty much everything else combined. | Alex Smith: MVnP and why the 49ers needed him (dasfowler)

Runner-up, with a great post nonetheless, is mastashonuff with their prose on why the 49ers are the 49ers and what they mean. Let's just say they mean a lot. | This team, my team... (mastashonuff)

Let's lighten things up a bit. TryAndCatchVD has a good one, taking the newly-trademarked "Kaepernicking" idea and applying it to some other guys from around the league. What does Detroit Lioning mean to you? | Regarding "Kaepernicking" (TryAndCatchVD)

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Fooch's Note: Additionally, some of the video from the week that was:

Slightly emotional 49ers-Falcons recap

More in-depth recap

49ers-Ravens line and gambling history

Storylines that actually matter

49ers defensive adjustments against Packers and Falcons

49ers-Ravens injury updates