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Darrelle Revis trade rumors: Are the 49ers a potential landing spot?

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The Super Bowl may be the most pressing concern, but the 49ers have been dumped in the Darrelle Revis rumor mill.


While we are obviously most concerned about Super Bowl 47, the 49ers are popping up in a few other places of non-Super Bowl news. The most noteworthy this week might be the Darrelle Revis trade rumors. Trades cannot happen yet, but that hasn't stopped the rumor mill from going into overdrive.

Earlier this week, Chris Mortensen was on the radio, and he mentioned the 49ers as a team that could make sense as a landing spot for Revis. Earlier today, CBS Sports' MIke Freeman posted about the Revis rumors, and the 49ers were mentioned. One NFL GM thought the market for Revis could be a gold rush (no 49ers pun intended I think), and Freeman indicated sources were telling him the 49ers were one of the teams interested:

Sources say one of the teams highly interested is the New England Patriots, but not even the Jets, who have made some screwy decisions over the years, would trade Revis to the division-rival Patriots and, in the process, hand them a Super Bowl.

Other teams highly interested, I'm told, are Denver, San Francisco, Buffalo (not happening -- division rival), and even Seattle, which already has some of the best defensive backs in the game. One team also constantly mentioned by league sources is Green Bay, though the Packers, possessors of one of the best front offices in all of sports, usually don't give up high-round picks.

I wouldn't be surprised if these "sources" were speculating on 49ers interest, as opposed to actually knowing someone who has said they're interested. It's possible the 49ers are interested, but given what we know about the fortress of solitude that is 4949 Centennial Boulevard, I'm going to take any speculated interest with a grain of salt.

The 49ers do have a lot of picks, and are very likely to move around in the Draft, even if it is not part of a deal to acquire Revis. The 49ers cornerback position has had some inconsistencies, but the trio of Carlos Rogers, Tarell Brown and Chris Culliver have had some great moments. It remains to be seen how long Rogers will be around, even with the long-term contract, but I think he is around at least one more year.

If the 49ers are interested, I think we all know they will not get into a bidding war for Revis. They will set their price and generally not budge from it. I don't think Revis ends up a 49er, but it is still interesting speculation to follow.

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