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Super Bowl interviews: Crowd-sourcing questions

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We open the floor for questions to ask during Super Bowl week interviews.

Clay Wendler, GIF god

While I'm down in New Orleans next week, I'm going to have quite a few opportunities to get some quality interviews with a wide range of people. I'll have my fair share of questions, but I figured it would also be useful to try and crowd-sourcing some questions. You all know plenty about the game and can likely provide some valuable questions I might otherwise overlook.

I don't have a full schedule yet, but I'm getting a few things lined up already. On Wednesday, I'm going to be having lunch with Brian Billick and six or seven other bloggers. There will be plenty of questions about the game, but I plan on asking Billick to tell us a little about time he spent with Bill Walsh, what he learned, that sort of thing. Any other ideas.

I'm likely going to get a chance to chat with former NFL linebacker Keith Bullock at some point. I plan on getting his thoughts on both sets of linebackers given his playing experience. I'm trying to line up more interviews like this where it is somebody who can provide insight on a very specific part of the game.

Finally, I've got an interview lined up with Jerry Rice Wednesday afternoon. He's doing some promotional work with SAP (who also happens to be a founding sponsor of the 49ers new stadium). I figure there is plenty to discuss about the game and the 49ers with Rice. Any specific question you think I should ask G.O.A.T.?

I'll keep posting open threads like this as new interview possibilities arise.