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49ers' David Akers calls this season a 'head-scratcher', but is staying positive heading into Super Bowl

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David Akers can't quite put his finger on why he's had such a down season, calling it a "head-scratcher".

Chris Graythen

Few things bring about the doom and gloom for us these days. Oh sure, I'm personally a pessimist by nature, but by and large, we as fans are confident in our battle-tested San Francisco 49ers. We've got a quarterback that most of us believe in now in Colin Kaepernick, a defense that is successful more often than it lays an egg, special teams coverage units that had really locked down as of late and the best punter to ever be born from the heavens in Andy Lee.

And yet, I bet even the optimists among you count yourselves terrified when David Akers is called upon for a field goal. After a record-breaking performance in 2011, his rapid regression to the mean and then below it this season has all of us stumped. Scratching our heads, if you will.

So is Akers.

As noted by Cam Inman of the San Jose Mercury News, Akers called his season "kind of a head-scratcher" during his media session recently.

"Well, I felt good all year. So just kind of doing the same thing, the practice that we've done all year. I wish those points would have counted in games. I've had a great practice season and training camp and pregame and all of that. So, I mean, it's one of those things that's been kind of a head-scratcher, but I'm still going to be positive about going into this game, 60 minutes from the possibility of being a world champion.

It really has been a head-scratcher. Last year, he broke the NFL record for points put up by a kicker and field goals made, and broke some 49ers franchise records as well. We were absolutely stoked with his performance and while he wasn't perfect, we all had plenty of confidence in him.

Now, it's nothing but fear when he's counted on. If he's called on to kick a decisive field goal in the Super Bowl, he will certainly have all of our support, but he won't have any of our confidence.

The only positive I take from this is the fact that he is being positive. He doesn't look like a shaken man and by all accounts, he seems confident he can turn it around. Will he do it at the last, crucial minute? We can only hope so, but at the very least, Akers is trying.