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Super Bowl 2013: Greg Roman talks QB with Tim Kawakami

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49ers OC Greg Roman took some time to chat with Bay Area sports writer Tim Kawakami. He discussed the decision to switch the Colin Kaepernick, and Kaepernick's development as a QB. We take a look at some notable quotations.


Bay Area sports writer Tim Kawakami had a few minutes the other day to chat with 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman. The 49ers OC usually only speaks with the media once a week, but in the build-up to the Super Bowl, there is a bit more chatter. It will be interesting to see how busy he is at Media Day when all the players and coaches are available.

Kawakami put together a transcript of his Roman interview before adding a column on the anatomy of a QB change. The interview is rather interesting because even though Roman is not one to give up a ton of details, we do get a few more bits and pieces about the QB switch that we might not otherwise have. There were some things we could infer from outside, but we get at least a little bit more confirmation on some details.

If Roman's comments are to be taking completely seriously, this really was a developing process following the Bears game. Kaepernick flashed all sorts of talent for the world to see, but as Roman said, the team needed to see it perpetuate for more than just one game. That Saints game really seemed to start to nail things down for Kaepernick, and from there he was off to the races.

There were some ups and downs for the team after that, but here we are heading into February and the 49ers are still playing football. I highly recommend checking out Roman's comments in Kawakami's transcript.

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