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The many faces of Jim Harbaugh

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We take a look at a linked gallery of the many entertaining facial expressions of Jim Harbaugh.


Back in October, I put together a post titled "The many faces of Jim Harbaugh". The gallery of pictures included a variety of Jim Harbaugh pictures from the 49ers 13-6 win over the Seahawks. There are few people with the multitude of facial expressions quite like Jim Harbaugh. His anger and rage expressions are particularly notable, but even his expressions of happiness and glee can be quite maniacal at times.

Someone jumped on the facial expressions bandwagon and put together a great gallery of pictures and GIFs that goes beyond my single game gallery. I kind of hope some random news outlet has somebody at media day who asks him about his expressions. I'm trying to decide if I should throw that question out there. "So, Coach Harbaugh, when you look back at game film, are you ever surprised by any of your own facial expressions?"

Since this is Pro Bowl weekend, I figured I'd use this as a bit of a random open thread to discuss football, Jim Harbaugh facial expressions or just about whatever. The 49ers roll out for New Orleans tomorrow around lunch time, so hopefully it's one last quiet night before the circus begins in The Big Easy.

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