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Super Bowl tickets 2013: Prices starting to creep down as game week begins

We are officially a week away from the Super Bowl, and both teams are getting ready to head down to New Orleans for the circus that is game week. The 49ers fly out Sunday afternoon, while the Ravens fly out Monday afternoon. Now that both teams will be getting to town and getting ready to take care of business, it is not entirely surprising that Super Bowl tickets are becoming slightly more readily available.

Over at TiqIQ, there are 5,606 tickets on the market, with the average price sitting at $3,404. This is down from $3,668 a few days ago. It's not a huge change, but it is down a little bit. At that average price, you can get a seat in section 129, row 5.

The least expensive tickets on TiqIQ are $1,849. That will get you seats in either section 626 row 33, or section 625 row 21. Those aren't the greatest seats, but it does get you in the door.

As Super Bowl week develops, there will likely be a broad mix of people desperate to unload tickets, and people desperate to purchase tickets. Prices went down a fair amount during game week last year, but given that the game is in New Orleans this year and was in Indianapolis last year, I'm not sure we'll see quite the same decline in prices.

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