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NFL Draft comp picks 2013: An early look at potential 49ers compensatory picks

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We break down potential compensatory draft picks the 49ers might get in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Chris Chambers

It is a relatively quiet Sunday as the Pro Bowl gets going in a bit, and more importantly, the 49ers are en route to New Orleans for the Super Bowl. Given all that, I'm saving some more of the nitty gritty preview content for the coming week, starting tomorrow. In the meantime, there is some other interesting info out there that actually doesn't even relate to the Super Bowl!

Every year, different people put in all kinds of work trying to figure out compensatory draft picks for each team. The folks at Blogging the Beast do some solid work with it, combined with that of AdamJT13. They've gone through all the details and attempted to project out the picks.

Based on their projections, the 49ers would be in line for three compensatory picks, with one coming in the fourth round and two coming in the seventh round. The picks are based on last year's free agency class, so it includes losses of Josh Morgan, Adam Snyder, Blake Costanzo and Madieu Williams, alongside the gain of Mario Manningham.

Guys like Randy Moss and Perrish Cox do not count as free agent additions for this calculation. Moss became a free agent after the 2010 season, while Cox was waived at the beginning of the 2011 season. Thus, they do not count towards the calculation.

Whatever comp picks the 49ers do get, they are not able to trade those picks. However, having those picks does make it easier to potentially deal some of the many other picks the 49ers have. Whatever rounds the comp picks come in, the 49ers are going to be very busy on Draft day. I suspect we'll see a lot of trading given that the team will have double digit picks. Even with a host of free agents after this season, the 49ers roster is pretty deep. I figure we'll see plenty of up, down and out maneuvers, with the team potentially packaging some mid-round picks for slightly higher picks in 2014.

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