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Ray Lewis gets the SNL treatment [video]

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We take a look at the SNL skit parodying Ray Lewis' emotion.

Two weeks of Super Bowl build-up meant it was only a matter of time before Saturday Night live got in on the action. With two SNLs between the conference championships and the Super Bowl, there will likely be several Super Bowl-related sketches.

The first was last night as Weekend Update and Keenan Thompson set their sites on Ray Lewis' numerous emotional outbursts. While I find the emotional outbursts a bit amusing at times, I know plenty of people are getting tired of it all. I do believe Ray Lewis is a genuinely emotional human being, but it doesn't mean I care to see it every single game, numerous times throughout. But such is life, and we're going to get plenty more of it in the coming week. I'll generally try and avoid coverage of it, but this seemed worth a post since it's always fun to get a laugh out of it.

In the meantime, as always @SBNationGIF put together a solid GIF from the AFC championship trophy presentation.