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Pro Bowl open thread: Feel the excitement

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We take a quick look at the Pro Bowl and provide an open thread for game discussion.


The 2013 NFL Pro Bowl: CATCH THE FEVER! In years past this has been the last opportunity for 49ers fans to see 49ers players in action before the long offseason. This year? Not so much! The 49ers will be playing in next week's Super Bowl, so the Pro Bowl's generally low key feeling is even further low key this year.

The kickoff has been pushed back half an hour due to weather in Hawaii. That's about the most thrilling bit of news we'll see. Personally, I think there are some ways to make the game more interesting. My preference would be this: put together PDF copies of the playbook for fans to check out before the game. Then, during the game, mic up the quarterback and offensive coordinator so we can hear the plays being called. I think this would actually draw in more hard core fans since they could follow along and learn a bit about the game.

Someone mentioned how the opposing team might listen in as well. I suppose that's a concern, but given how little value there is in the Pro Bowl winner and loser, why not try it? I think it would be highly entertaining and I would at least watch some of the game.

What would you do to improve the Pro Bowl, aside from removing it entirely?