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Super Bowl 2013: 49ers land in New Orleans, ready for business

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The 49ers have landed in New Orleans, and we look at what it might say about their mindset.

NFL Network

The San Francisco 49ers touched down in New Orleans at approximately 7:00 p.m. local time, getting in approximately a half hour earlier than expected. Let's hope the rest of the week brings more good news like this!

I grabbed the picture above from NFL Network's coverage of the 49ers arrival. Every year we see footage of the two teams arriving. What I found interesting, and what a lot of people on Twitter noticed as well, was that the 49ers did not have the mini-camcorders out shooting some video of their arrival. I suppose part of that might have had to do with a night time arrival.

Even still, this team has generally been pretty clear that this is all business and there is one more win still to be had. Even after beating the Falcons last Sunday, Frank Gore and Justin Smith both noted that this didn't mean anything without one more win on Super Bowl Sunday. And so, the 49ers get ready to continue their work preparations, just in a slightly different locale than Santa Clara.

The Ravens are slated to get into town Monday afternoon.

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