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Super Bowl 2013: Sarah Redden releases 49ers pump up song

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With San Francisco preparing for a fight for the Lombardi Trophy, 49ers fan Sarah Redden released her new Super Bowl-themed rap song.

The San Francisco 49ers are in their final week of preparation for Super Bowl XLVII. One way or another, a new champion will be crowned this weekend. Luckily, one of the team's biggest new fans is back with another boost just in time.

Five-year-old Sarah Redden got on the media radar this year with her 49ers theme songs. She's been one of the team's more vocal supporters this year and arguably Colin Kaepernick's biggest fan. She can be seen "Kaepernicking" in any one of her videos from her YouTube channel.

Redden released another video this week called Kaepfornia Gold Rush. It was released after the 49ers won the NFC Championship and advanced to the big game.

Obviously, Sarah made it Super Bowl themed:

"Out here wearin' scarlet and gold,

Now we already got 5 Super Bowls,

But start preparin' for the Super Bowl party,

Come February, we'll be holding the Lombardi"

Thanks, Sarah, for "repping Niner Nation."