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Super Bowl 2013: Jed York's Management Style

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This upcoming Super Bowl has a lot to say about Jed York too.


Daniel Brown over at Mercury News has an interesting article on Jed York's role in rebuilding the 49er franchise. Not only was the article feature in our very own Nuggets, but it's quite interesting and well worth the read.

It starts, interestingly enough, with an image of York, adorned with a hard hat and carrying what looks like blueprints, atop a constructed 49er statue, which in turn is standing above 49er ruins. The image is fitting. Since taking over the 49ers as a franchise, York's most prominent role has been as an advocate for a new stadium in Santa Clara. Already under construction, the stadium has been built from the ground up in order to house the new 49ers team.

Similarly, York has rebuilt the 49ers as a franchise. It's an apt metaphor, York as construction manager of the team. His work with the stadium is somewhat parallel to his work on the team. He has had to fight tooth and nail to reshape the team in his image - and image that looks back heavily to the glory days of old.

Climbing up with York onto this 49er statue is Jim Harbaugh. Really, though, I think it should be Trent Baalke. I get that Harbaugh is the more public face of the Jed tenure, and largely the most instrumental in our recent success, but Baalke represents something more in evaluating Jed York. Jed, unlike those before him, has maintained a strict habit of leaving the Football stuff to the Football people. The Baalke hire, while initially suspect, has turned out to be brilliant largely due to the culture that allows Baalke to be Baalke.

Great owners let their people do what needs to be done on the field. Jed York, while not a great owner yet, has started his career on the right path.