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Super Bowl 2013: Of course, HarBowl will get the Little Giants treatment

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We take a look at a fun video combining the Harbaugh brothers and the movie Little Giants.

I am officially in New Orleans and it is going to be an interesting week, to say the least. I hustled over to the 49ers press conferences today, and that was a zoo. I'm putting together some recap video on that and will have more later today. The NFL sends out all the transcripts, so I'll make sure you all get a look at those. Some interesting comments, including Jim Harbaugh showing some decent humor. I think he's warming up to the media this week. We'll see how he feels come Thursday or Friday.

Speaking of Harbaugh, someone sent along the above video and I felt it was worth a share. It's not entirely factually accurate, but crossing the Harbaugh brothers with the movie Little Giants is pretty solid in my opinion. The brothers will be holding a joint press conference on Friday at 6:30 a.m. PT. That should be a free-for-all with the media, as I believe it will be the first one of its kind in Super Bowl history.

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