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Super Bowl 2013: Joe Flacco cheeses it up for Haribo Gold-Bears

This has nothing to do with anything, except for the fact that Joe Flacco has the cheesiest look on his face.


I realize you are looking for some hard-hitting analysis about the 49ers and Ravens, as well as my time in New Orleans (or maybe not!), but some things just cannot be passed on.

I'm on the receiving end of a crazy amount of random emails related to the Super Bowl in every way, shape or form. Some are interesting, some are boring, and some are completely random. This qualifies in the fairly random category. The folks at Globe Newswire sent along some comments concerning Joe Flacco's apparent love of Haribo Gold-Bears:

Minutes before today's flight to New Orleans, Baltimore Quarterback Joe Flacco was seen with his favorite treat: Haribo Gold-Bears. The original gummi bears are Flacco's go-to choice while prepping for the big game. Known for his sweet tooth, Flacco's favorite flavor is Pineapple.

I don't know if he's trying to pull something like Marshawn Lynch with the Skittles, but I find it amusing nonetheless. Something about the combination of the suit and the gummi bears just doesn't seem to matchup. That mismatch combined with the cheesy grin just works perfectly.

Thank you, Joe Flacco. I now know what to ask you about at media day.

Credit: HARIBO of AMERICA Inc.