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Super Bowl 2013: Niners Nation in New Orleans, Day One

I'm making my first trip to New Orleans, along with my first Super Bowl. Needless to say, I'm a little excited. I've decided to put together a video diary of my experience in New Orleans. Here is a quick opener for Day One.

Given that this is my first trip to New Orleans, it is coinciding with my first live Super Bowl, oh and the 49ers are playing, this week is kind of a big deal.

Since we have access to our always solid studio, I want to get together as much video content as possible. And so, I've decided to create a "video diary". Basically, each day I'll provide a run-down of my activities throughout the day. This initial video came only a few hours after my arrival n New Orleans, so it is a bit more of setting the scene.

Tuesday is Media Day, and I'm actually bringing a separate camera to that, so I can potentially shoot some video of what should be a pretty crazy scene. I'm going to try and get some questions in, but I'm leaning towards just trying to take in the insanity of it all and let the video do the talking. There will be so many absurd questions, and really I'm just hoping to get a little snippet of some of the questions.

Also, with the 49ers going early and the Ravens going late, I might try and at least get in some questions for the 49ers, and then use the Ravens session for more video. We'll see what I can come up with as I imagine the best laid plans can fall apart amidst the Media Day chaos.

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