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Super Bowl Media Day 2013: Open thread

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We provide an open thread for discussion of the insanity surrounding media day, surely to be captured by NFL Network.

Michael Heiman

Starting at 7:00 a.m. PT, the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens get to go through the annual rite of Super Bowl passage that is Media Day. The entire week is filled with media obligations, but Media Day takes the obligation to its most base, raw level. The players and coaches are all out on the field or in nearby stands, and one of the largest collections of media will ask them anything and everything.

Oh, and now the NFL Network broadcasts the event and the NFL sells tickets to it. Forget football being the modern day gladiator sport. Media Day would seem to be more gladiatorial. I'm just not sure who are the prisoners and who are the lions.

The 49ers get things going at 7:00 a.m. PT, and will be on the Superdome floor for an hour. There is a break of just over an hour, during which time the NFL Network personalities will be available to the media. Then, the Ravens do their session form 10:15-12:15 PT.

I'll be down there in the pits, so if you are watching on NFL Network, maybe I'll make a brief appearance. I've got my video camera and a regular camera and am hoping to capture as much of the insanity as possible. I'll try and convey as much of the craziness as I can, assuming I don't get trampled to death!

Follow along with the @NinersNation Twitter account, which is embedded below. We'll see how I juggle tweeting, taking pictures and shooting video. I should have brought an intern!

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