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Super Bowl 2013: Alex Boone, Bruce Miller, Frank Gore talk about 49ers new-look offense

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San Francisco 49ers' Alex Boone, Bruce Miller and Frank Gore talk about the team's new-look approach on offense.


The San Francisco 49ers hae wrapped up fielding questions at media day in New Orleans. As expected, a lot of the interest revolved around the team's quarterback position, particularly Colin Kaepernick.

Being at the site of the Super Bowl, preparing for the biggest game of their lives, it's hard for them not to credit the second-year QB with some of their success. 49ers lineman Alex Boone, full back Bruce Miller and running back Frank Gore all touched on the new-look offense.

"You line up in that pistol and you never know which way it's going. And for Kap, even when he's throwing the ball, he can sit there and if something breaks down, he just takes off running. Then Frank [Gore] gets the ball and he's pounding the ball. It just exploits the defense in different ways," Boone said.

The great thing about this new-look 49ers offense is that it is an aggressive and innovative attack. This staff really thinks three-dimensionally, and can exploit the weaknesses of their opponent in a variety of ways.

The offensive personnel has really fallen in love with this approach because it's yielded productivity this team has not seen in some time.

Alex Boone's perspective is particularly interesting because he is an offensive lineman in this option attack. It's speaks to the caliber of player he is, as well as his linemates, in that they don't always know where the play will end up. They have to be thorough and dominating in their assignments because the run could very well be coming their way.

Gore credited Kaepernick's running ability, saying "They've got to put a spy on Kap. Because he can make big plays with his legs. That helps me a lot." 49ers fans were used to the days where defenses would put 8 or 9 men in the box just to stop Gore. Things are a bit different now.

Kaepernick has certainly added a dimension. And this week, it was fun to see his teammates have a forum where they can open up and express their appreciation for the young quarterback.

Michael Crabtree even chimed in on the ingenuity and offensive rebirth under Kaepernick:

I think just having an option really puts a lot of pressure on the defense. The read option, the option to throw the ball, the option to run the ball with two different people in the backfield, I think it's just another dimension in the game. It's options, it's the spread offense, it's the run game, and there are just so many different things you can do in the offense.

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