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Super Bowl Media Day video: Anthony Dixon talks with NN

We had a chance to talk with Anthony Dixon about his excitement on the field, as well as the adversity he faced making the 53-man roster.

One of my goals at Super Bowl Media Day was to get a minute to talk to 49ers running back Anthony Dixon. He has been one of the most popular players, even as he has battled to just earn a roster spot. For much of the last two offseasons, there have been questions about whether Boobie Dixon will make the roster. And yet, each year he has fought his way back.

I got in a pair of questions with Dixon, asking him about his excitement on the field, and the adversity he has faced in making the 49ers roster. They're not ground-breaking questions, but they are two things I've always wondered about with regards to Dixon.

I spent most of media day just taking in the scene and listening what some of the players were discussing. However, Anthony Dixon was a guy I really wanted to talk to, and it was good to get his thoughts on these topics. He had an important run for a first down against the Falcons in the NFC Championship Game. He is more known for his special teams work, but he is developing into a jack of more trades. It is unlikely he will step into a prominent running back role with the 49ers, but that hasn't stopped him from fighting through and earning his keep.

On a side note, don't mind the slightly angled view of the shot. I made a mistake on the camera angle, but hopefully you all enjoy it.

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