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Super Bowl media day: Fooch's diary continues

We're back for day two of my stay in New Orleans. We break down an interesting Media Day from both the 49ers and the Ravens.

Day two is officially a wrap. I had a chance to check out Media Day, and I wrapped up the day with the annual Host Committee Media Party. I've posted some photos from the event over at the @NinersNation twitter account, so give that a look when you get a free minute.

The video above is day two of my New Orleans Super Bowl diary. I had a chance to get to Media Day and experience that insanity. The video features some comments from Randy Moss, as well a few comments I got from Marshall Yanda about the 49ers defensive line. It can be tough getting comments from some players at Media Day, so chatting with players that don't have the huge crowds provides some advantages some of the media won't pursue.

I also got a few bits of "B-roll" clips that I'll be posting on Wednesday. The 49ers had an assortment of comments, so I'll get what posted what I can in the coming day.

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