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Golden Nuggets: Harbaugh speaks; Aldon Smith's swoon

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Thursday, January 3, 2012 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.


Boy, did I start a kerfuffle with my comments on A.J. Jenkins yesterday. People are pretty divided about the topic. I just want it noted, for the record, that I have never referred to Mr Jenkins as a bust, nor do I think that will be his ultimate fate. I just think that a player drafted in the first round, should be able to help in a pinch. He hasn't to date. We'll find out real soon, because if he doesn't produce a couple catches per game in the playoffs as the No. 3 WR, we won't be winning the title. It's nice to get the final word by having the largest forum....THE NUGGETS!

As for the rest of the 49ers' world, not much going on. Coach Harbaugh gave an interview. He says that fatigue has worn down Aldon Smith and that the 49ers are playing 3 Super Bowls in the postseason. Not much else to talk about. I'll get you to the links...

Assorted 49ers News

I present you, my wrap-up on the 49ers-Cardinals game. In my preview piece, I predicted a 49ers victory by the score of 27-6. Had Brian Hoyer not thrown a 37-yard touchdown on fourth-and-24, it would have held true. In the recap I single out Michael Crabtree as having a good game. Who needs 'experts' when I can provide you with such breathtaking analysis. | Michael Crabtree shines, Niners sneak into first-round bye (Malone)

BASG gives us an in-depth look at our two QBs, using advanced stats. Colin Kaepernick takes less sacks and throws the ball deep more often. I bet you already knew that. | Numbers don't lie: Revisiting the statistical comparison between Smith and Kaepernick (BASG)

Kyle Bonagura takes a deeper look at the 49ers' 2013 schedule. There's a lot of good games at the 'Stick in it's last season in existence. | Intriguing games in final season at Candlestick (Bonagura)

Cam Inman has a ton of notes on the 49ers, which is his job, so don't be too impressed. | Harbaugh shares thoughts on '3 Super Bowls', kicker derby Smith brothers, Rose Bowl (Inman)

It's been noticed by us all that Aldon Smith has gone sack-less in his last three games. Harbaugh is blaming fatigue, while most of us think it has more to do with Justin Smith's absence. It's probably a bit of column A, a bit of column B. | Harbaugh: Fatigue part of Aldon Smith's sack-less streak (Branch)

Matt Barrows' mailbag deals with a lot of topics having to do with the 49ers. One big one, that many of us may be ignoring during this postseason, is the potential loss of Director of Player Personnel Tom Gamble to a GM job somewhere. He's valuable to the team, but he may also poach some coaches (Greg Roman) and players (Alex Smith), or both. | What are the consequences if Gamble lands a GM job (Barrows)

This is my biggest worry going into the postseason. No team has ever won a Super Bowl without winning three games in a row during the season. I know the playoffs are a new season, but you have to win three games in a row to win the Super Bowl. If only this was the 1946 NFL Championship Game, I'd be more confident. | History not on 49ers side (CSN Bay Area)

Oh, and this is my second biggest fear. Maybe first. | Joe Nedney on 49ers kicking situation: "This stuff happens in training camp" (Pro Football Talk)

NFC West stock watch (Sando)

Colin Kaepernick to Rome on 2011 draft: 'That was a challenge to go prove everybody wrong' (Inman)

Aldon Smith's snap count more than doubled this year (Barrows)

Film review: A look at Aldon Smith vs Arizona (SF Gate)'s 2012 season in review (

Bye week will help Aldon Smith, Harbaugh says (Branch)


Peter King's one minute drill: 49ers (

How will 49ers fill Justin Smith's void (Maiocco)

49ers total access: Show #20 (

Mic'd up: Delanie Walker (

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