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Super Bowl 2013: Michael Crabtree on Randy Moss' impact on the 49ers

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San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree talks about his relationship with teammate Randy Moss.

Chris Graythen

There was a lot of interesting output from media day on Tuesday in New Orleans. Both the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens had time to spend where they could reflect on the season and what made it special.

For a team that desperately needed a spark at the WR corps transitioning from 2011 to 2012, the Niners upgraded by adding some invaluable experience. San Francisco signed Randy Moss to a one-year, $2.5 million deal, and 35 years old or not, he made an impact.

The savvy veteran receiver was a vocal leader, an educator and a mentor to the younger receivers. And on the field, he was completely selfless. He ran all the routes and blocked hard in the run game.

Perhaps the most significant way he contributed was by being there for Michael Crabtree, and helping with his development. Crabtree had his best year as a pro, totaling 85 receptions for 1,105 and and 9 touchdowns -- all career highs.

On the best advice WR Randy Moss has given him:

I am with Randy every day, so there is so much stuff I hear. It's comedy and at the same time it's real. I hear something every day.

On his favorite Randy Moss memory growing up:

I'm sure everybody did it, but you always say ‘Moss.' When you catch a ball over somebody, it's always ‘Moss.' It's funny when you are at practice and you catch a ball over somebody and they say, ‘you got Moss'd.' You talk to the DB and you say, ‘you got Moss'd,' and Moss is sitting right there next to you.

On his reaction when he learned that Randy Moss had signed with the 49ers:

I was just honored to be next to him. A guy like that, a legend. He was someone that you looked up to when you were younger. It's just a great feeling.

On the role of Randy Moss on this team:

He plays a big role. You are talking about Randy Moss. He is a legendary wide receiver. His voice alone gets you hyped. Him being around just brings the best out of us.

On what Randy Moss shares with the team:

It's every day. It's in the locker room and on the field. Day to day, is day to day with Randy Moss. I could honestly see Randy Moss standing on the stage like Charles Barkley or one of those guys that just speaks their mind because his personality is amazing.

There has been a lot about Moss this week in New Orleans. First there was the talk that Moss wanted to return in 2013. Then there was word that if he did return, it wouldn't necessarily be with the 49ers. After that, he claimed he was the greatest receiver in the history of the game.

Moss is certainly one of the best ever; so much so that he makes those around him that much better.

No. 84 has been close to getting a Super Bowl ring a couple times but it never materialized. This may be his last opportunity to win one. Fortunately, he will have his protege on call doing the heavy-lifting. Crabtree has emerged as a top receiving threat, and has quite the rapport with quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

It would really be something that after all this time, Moss finally won a ring -- not because he was being a one man show -- but because he genuinely embraced the team-first approach. There was nothing flashy about it -- it was just an old school, blue-collar approach.

And similar to Mike Singletary tossing Vernon Davis from the Seattle game, this move could be viewed as the one that helped launch Crabtree to the next level for the remainder of his career. Whether or not Moss wears scarlet and gold in 2013, his presence was felt in the Bay Area.