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Super Bowl media day: Joe Staley provides super hero with Gatorade, Anthony Dixon shows game face

Super Bowl media day provided all sorts opportunity for entertainment. We provide some video of a few incredibly random moments.

Super Bowl Media Day provides fans with an opportunity to view the two teams up close and personal. There are usually a few stars who shine brightest on Media Day, but I don't think anybody is immune from the insanity.

Over the course of Tuesday's media sessions, I saw some crazy stuff. There was the Ravens player wearing a purple wig while interviewing a teammates. There was FOX officiating "expert" Mike Pereira interviewing a guy from VH1 dressed up in a ref's outfit.

I didn't get video of everything, but I managed a few random videos that I wanted to share. The video above is Joe Staley giving his Gatorade to a guy from Cartoon Network dressed up as a super hero. Preceding this moment, they had a discussion about how much each could bench press. The super hero said about 115 and Joe asked him if that was just the bar. Joe said he was up over 400. Then, the guy asked for one of Joe's extra Gatorade bottles and Joe kindly complied.

This next video was a brief instant where Anthony Dixon was asked to show his serious game face. In my mind, I see Dixon showing a bit more of the crazy look when he is out there on special teams, and then a bit more serious when he is in the offensive backfield.

This final video is Mike Iupati showing off some of his tattoos. It should surprise nobody that one of the more popular questions of the day surrounded players and their tattoos. Apparently Delanie Walker is the most inked up guy on the team.

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