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Super Bowl 2013: Flashback on 49ers stars Frank Gore and Vernon Davis

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With the Super Bowl only days away, we take a look at some rare footage of 49ers running back Frank Gore and tight end Vernon Davis.

Streeter Lecka

We're only a few days away from Super Bowl XLVII.

The moment of truth is nearing as the San Francisco 49ers prepare for the biggest game of their lives. For the majority of this roster, this is the dawn following years of darkness. The core of this team has been in place for some time actually.

Two of the key members of this team have been running back Frank Gore and tight end Vernon Davis. Both players joined the team within year of each other, with Gore being drafted in 2005 and Davis in 2006. They have essentially shared their entire pro careers together.

I came across a couple of neat videos with some rare footage on both players from their high school years. Both Gore and Davis participated in profile pieces while they starred at their respective high schools in Florida and Maryland.

This video really shows Gore as a gifted athlete who had to overcome a lot of obstacles growing up. It really speaks volumes to the person that he is today. In his highlights, it's clear to see he carries that same running style, where defenders just slip off him.

Davis stood out as a freakish athlete at his high school, and things haven't changed much since.

It was interesting to see what Davis' high school coach had to say about his blocking ability. He really is willing to get physical and do the dirty work no one else is interested in doing. Davis has always been thorough in his blocking assignments, and it's helped San Francisco's rushing attack stay top-ranked over the past few years.

He is considered the best blocking tight end in the league.

Moreover, his combination of size and speed still intimidates opponents two leagues later. Davis was unbelievable during his time at the University of Maryland. He earned himself first round consideration, and was taken high for his position when the Niners selected him 6th overall.

It was fun to press rewind on the journeys of Frank Gore and Vernon Davis. When it's all said and done, they will have established an era in 49ers football; adding to the legacy that is this franchise.